NANOOK CORNER: The University prepares for Winter Break

Published: Dec. 12, 2017 at 8:18 PM AKST
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The Winter Break is right around the corner for the University, we talked to the University's Athletic Director Gary Gray about it in this week's Nanook Corner.

As 2017 comes to a close our UAF Athletic Teams are going to take a bit of a break before resuming their seasons in 2018. The athletes will now get some time off to focus on their finals and then go back home and visit their families for the holidays.

Gary Gray - Athletic Director - UAF>>: "We work in cycles. Summer is a certain cycle and fall is a cycle. And in the Spring semester, March is extremely busy with all the playoffs happening over a two week period. So we work in Cycles. We start, we end, we go on to the next phase. Once March comes and we're into April through August it's fundraising and scheduling and sometimes hiring. And planning travel and all those things. So the priorities change during certain parts of those cycles but there's always a lot going on."

Some teams are already on break, the Hockey team held their last game of 2017 and will be off until they host Alabama Huntsville on January 5th. The Ski team is done until they compete in the US Cross Country National Championships on January 3rd. The Rifle team is out of action until they compete in Jacksonville Alabama on January 8th. And our Swimming team will be out of the Pool until January 12th. We do still have our Basketball teams in action. The Men's team will play in Portland Oregon on Sunday Night and their last game of 2017 will be on Tuesday. The Women's team is a bit different. They will host Multnomah on Saturday and Sunday. They will then only get 12 days off before they travel down to take on Western Washington University on December 29th. This Christmas Break is extremely important for the Athletes that compete in our winter sports.

Gary Gray - Athletic Director - UAF>>: "Well the NCAA Mandates a 7 day no contact period, on either side of December 25th obviously, so Student Athletes do get a mandatory break. Most go home. Sometimes international Student Athletes don't. But they're back right after that. Some meet on the road depending on where we're competing. Most, of course, come back here. Depending on the schedule in any given year, there could be one day or practice or even two days of practice before they're back in competing again."

And while the Athletes will be getting some ample time off, the UAF Athletic Department will be getting a short break before coming back to work and keeping the University's Athletics running smoothly.

Gary Gray - Athletic Director - UAF>>: "Officially, we get Christmas day off and the next day, and the same thing on January first. But it's a good time to catch up and things are always busy. It's just a difference of what we're doing, summer is very busy for us. So the Winter break, obviously we have a lot of things going on. All of our sports, excuse me most of our sports are still in competition. Volleyball and Cross Country running are done but the others are really really busy. So we've got all the travel, all the Follow-up, all the Local Game Management for eight of the sports so it's always busy in College Athletics."