NANOOK CORNER: Meet Rifle Team Sharpshooter Sagen Maddalena

Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 8:27 PM AKST
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Sagen Maddalena has been a major factor in the UAF Rifle team's success for the past four years, and is leading her squad to another successful season.

We head to the E.F. Horton shooting range to talk to Maddalena in this week's Nanook Corner.

Devin Fry; Reporting>>: The most prestigious program at the University of Alaska is in the middle of another very successful season. The Nanook Rifle Team's on loss of the year so far was a 15 point loss to the defending national Champion and #1 team in the nation West Virginia Mountaineers. The Nanook Shooters are 8-1 so far this year and have gained national recognition. They are currently the fifth ranked rifle team in the country.

Sagen Maddalena; Team Captain - UAF Rifle>>: "I think a lot of it has to do with progression over the last few years. And we are starting to come into this phase of consistency. So we see from the beginning of the season to now, we just keep climbing. And it's not just necessarily that we're doing really good and then we drop. It's more of a consistency of we're gaining some points every match. When we come in here we train and when we come in here and we shoot matches it's trusting that our teammates have done the work. And it's showing that we're trusting each other and doing our job on match day."

Devin Fry; Reporting>>: One of the big reasons for their success has been senior team captain Sagen Maddalena. The Groveland California Native is having an amazing year, which has seen her named the top-scoring shooter on both teams in 6 different matchups. She is no stranger to greatness. Maddalena is a three-time NRA All-American in the Air Rifle, a 2 time NRA All-American in Smallbore, and a two time CRCA All-American. She was named Alaska's Scholar-Athlete of the year last year, and is a member of the US National Team. She has also been to three straight National Championships, and will be looking to go to her fourth at the end of this year. Despite Rifle being an individual Sport, Maddalena gives a fair share of the credit to her team.

Sagen Maddalena; Team Captain - UAF Rifle>>: "I couldn't do what I do without my team. So it all kind of contributes together. But overall, I have to give a lot of credit to just putting in the hard work and the drive and being stubborn, and just wanting to come on top every time. But some of that has to do with my team pushing me too. And they're always climbing; they're right behind me man. And I just have to keep getting better."

Devin Fry; Reporting>>: With only two regular season matchups left in her senior season, one of the most decorated shooters in UAF History is going to keep doing what she loves even when she is out of school. With the Summer Olympics two years away, Maddalena has her well-trained eyes on International Competition.

Sagen Maddalena; Team Captain - UAF Rifle>>: "I'm going to keep shooting, and being a competitor that way. So I'm looking at two years out, we've got the Olympics, then we've got another four years after that, so I'm looking at two quads to keep competing. Where I'm gonna do that, that's still... I have two places in mind, but we'll see where I end up."