State House Takes Day Off While Government Shutdown Looms

Published: Jun. 9, 2017 at 8:41 PM AKDT
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With only a few business days left before a possible government shutdown, the state legislature continued work today to come up with a budget.

The state house of representative went into session this morning...for about a minute.

The senate held a technical se4ssion. It was longer, because of the introduction of guests.

It ran about 8 minutes.

It was the committees that were working today, trying to come up with a plan for both the house and senate to vote on.

The conference committee failed to adopt either the house or senate versions of house bill 111, the oil and gas production tax.

The committee adjourned to study it further, probably on Monday.

So at this time, what we will do is plan to work see where we might find points of agreement. So that will be the topic of our next meeting where we'll walk through both versions of the bill. Members have been provided with that compare both versions and copies are available to the public so it organizes by issue area the two versions of the bills cause so there are issues with for example the minimum tax.