PET OF THE WEEK: This husky is out of this world

With glittering eyes and a snuggle problem, you'll definitely be over the moon with this 5...
With glittering eyes and a snuggle problem, you'll definitely be over the moon with this 5 year old husky! Meet Luna in News 13's, “Pet of the Week.” (KTVF)
Published: Jun. 5, 2020 at 10:25 AM AKDT
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"Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's, 'Pet of the Week' is Luna. She is a five-year-old Alaskan husky.

Luna is a little special because in her five years she has been to the shelter four times - originally as a stray and then brought to the shelter due to behaviors that are kind of normal to her breed. She is a very sweet girl, very cuddly, one of her nicknames is 'Fluffen'. Luna has lived with other dogs but was starting to develop issues with them in one of her other homes which is one of the reasons she was brought back. She also really loves to sing and has a beautiful husky voice and that's another reasons she was brought back. So she is definitely not an apartment dog.

Luna is a little overweight and huskies are active dogs and they need a lot of activity and mental stimulation to be happy, which definitely would benefit her to keep her more fit and keep her out of trouble.

Luna if she is housed near chickens thinks they are delicious and so she should be kept away from those kind of things, smaller animals because they are really fun and huskies can have a prey drive.

Luna is really great with children and loves babies, and she is really sweet with people. She is one of our most affectionate and sociable sled dogs, [or] Alaskan huskies that we have.

Luna is house broken, and she is a really lovely girl so she would be a great companion for someone that likes to hike or be in the outdoors and active.

Luna has other Alaskan husky friends looking for loving homes and some cats as well."

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