NANOOK CORNER: In Studio with the Nanook Volleyball team

Published: Nov. 13, 2018 at 8:19 PM AKST
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Devin Fry: "Welcome back and thanks for sticking around for a very special edition of Sports. This is Devin Fry and I'm joined by head coach Brian Scott, Emily Moorhead, and Cate Whiting from the Alaska Nanook Volleyball team. We're going to shine the spotlight on your guys' season. You guys just secured your first winning season since 2008. First question right off the bat, what was this year like for you from a coaching perspective? What was it like to lead this group to their first winning season in over a decade?"

Brian Scott, Head Coach - Nanook Volleyball: "Well it's a blast, you know? Everyone likes to win so it's been fun to do that but I think we've had a little bit of everything. We've had ups we've had downs, we had adversity and struggles throughout the season. We've had injuries and it's been full of all of it. So to see ourselves rise to the occasion with all of it and come off with a pretty good season, it's pretty fun."

Emily Moorhead, Nanook Volleyball: "We always talk about trusting the process. Nobody likes to lose, but you have to remember you've just got to back stronger the next time, trust your training and it will work out."

Cate Whiting, Nanook Volleyball: "Yeah we had, not quite a new team, but it took a little time to come together and bring everyone's skill sets together. I know a lot of the girls didn't see the court a lot last year, we just had a new face to the team this year and I think we were able to bring it together as a team."

Devin Fry: "You were able to go from a 6-21 record in your first year to sitting at 14-13 this year. What was that process like from your perspective coach?"

Brian Scott: "That group at 6-21... You have to give them a ton of credit because when we were hired, we were brought in and they just embraced us. They embraced everything that we were trying to bring with us, and they laid a foundation for this group now."

Cate Whiting: "It's really nice because we were able to see a bit of the process last year too. I know that we broke a lot of records last year, and to come in this year with that same expectation in mind, I think it's been really special to see a lot of our hard work pay off right now. We're already looking forward to making some more improvements."

Devin Fry: "There were a lot of firsts this year. First winning season since 2008, the first time beating UAA since 2010... So I wanted to ask each of you what were your favorite moments from this year? I know it's difficult, there's a lot of good ones."

Brian Scott: "We have a special rivalry with SPU and I think the atmosphere that was there that night for me... to see 600 some odd fans in the crowd... and just what this place can be like. What UAF Volleyball can be like and a just intense atmosphere... That one was pretty special for me too."

Emily Moorhead: "Obviously I liked beating UAA but I think that last home game against SPU was huge. And just the whole atmosphere and it's special playing in front of that home crowd and just feeling all the energy. It was so tangible, and also that Simon Fraser game at home that was another big one. That was leading up to the SPU Game."

Devin Fry: "You guys are obviously a very tight-knit crew and you could definitely see it when, you guys mentioned that SPU game, that five setter you guys finally won and then there's just screaming and falling to the floor, all kinds of celebrations. Obviously a tight-knit group that cares a lot about each other and about winning. What is it like to be playing on a team like that?"

Emily Moorhead: "I love it. I love all of my teammates and I know that they go out every day and work as hard as they can for me, and I'll do the same for them. Like when me and Cate are on the court together for the game point and I'm just like 'Yes Cate!' Like I know how hard she's been working and to just see it all come together at the end of a game it's awesome."

Devin Fry: "Coach this is a very young group for you guys, there's no seniors, you have three Juniors and two Redshirt Sophomores. What does the future look like for you guys? Because a group as young as this, if they stay together big things can happen."

Brian Scott: "I'll just say this. If you haven't you should go buy your season tickets right now. This is going to be a fun group to watch for a few years."

Devin Fry: "Alright I think that's all I have for you guys, thank you so much for joining me for this very special edition of Nanook Corner. Now you, don't go anywhere because Mike Shultz is going to have your full weather forecast up after the break. Hope you're having a great night and I'll see you soon."