Fairbanks woman charged with murdering her children

Published: Aug. 30, 2018 at 9:24 PM AKDT
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A former army mother and spouse, Stephany LaFountain, whose maiden name is Bilecki, has been charged with the deaths of her two biological daughters. In 2015, LaFountain called the Fairbanks Emergency Communications Center, stating her 4-month-old child was not breathing. During that time, the death was not investigated as a homicide.

Then in 2017, she called FECC again stating that her 13-month-old child was not breathing. After the initial investigation, Fort Wainwright police turned the case over to the Fairbanks Police Department.

Now FPD is investigating these deaths as a homicide due to similarities between cases. The autopsy results showed both children were healthy, with no genetic abnormalities and no brain injuries. It appears both children died of complications of anoxia, which means a lack of oxygen to the brain. According to the press release, LaFountain had been conducting suspicious internet searches such as 'ways to suffocate', 'ways to kill a human with no proof' and 'suffocating and smothering'.

LaFountain is being charged with murder in the first and second degree for both children.

"We really want just the community take a minute and just think about what happened. They have the information, just take ten seconds and think about a mother killing both of her children, over two years, completely isolated events and what that means. What happens sometimes in our community, and sometimes just the evil that exists, that's out there," said Police Chief, Eric Jewkes with FPD.

If you have any information regarding these cases, please contact Detective Avery Thompson at 450-6550 or email

Her arraignment is scheduled for Friday.