Alaska Broadcaster Monte Bowen Retires After 46 Years

Published: Jul. 21, 2017 at 10:13 PM AKDT
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Monte Bowen has been an institution in Media in the Interior. Here is a look at his history and his departure as he retires from broadcasting.

Monte Bowen was born in Alaska, but was raised in the Lower 48.

He started in radio as a DJ in Texas in 1971, after he worked as a Sentry Dog Handler in the Air Force.

After two weeks of training, and courses at Columbia School of Broadcasting in Dallas, Texas, Bowen started his journey into media.

Eventually, Bowen moved to Idaho, where he did news for ten years.

In 1984, he took a position in Alaska and worked for radio in Fairbanks for the next 16 years.

Bill Wright, who worked with Bowen in radio, took the time to send him a message.

"You and I go way back to the late 1980's in radio, and you putting up with my crazy strange since of humor in the morning show on, uh, what was then called KQRZ and it was such an inspiration to me that he would spend every day going after the news. Because it wasn't like you were a big team of reporters the way you have these days, your beat was Fairbanks. No matter where the story was you would go there. And you would cover it."

Bowen started his career in television in 2001 working for the local ABC affiliate, and joined the Newscenter 11 team in 2004, where he started as a reporter, then assignment editor, and eventually News Director.

In honor of his retirement, a few more people had a few words to say to him.

Chris Fry, General Manager of K13XD, KTVF, KFXF:

"Monte, you're one of the kindest, gentlest, smartest people I know and I'm very honored to have been able to have worked with you in these last couple of years. And I wish you the very best for your upcoming retirement. Good luck to you."

DeeDee Caciari, General Sales Manager of KTVF11, CBS News 13:

"Monte, I want to thank you for all these years you've given to KTVF as our news director. You've made my job a little easier at times, a little harder at times. But I thank you for your dedication, your willingness to stand up, your sleepless nights, your working on weekends, your overall willingness to inform the Fairbanks community. We wish you well in your retirement and will miss you dearly."

Ozzie Oscustowski, Master Control, K13XD, KTVF, KFXF:

"Monte, you and I have gone through a lot, and have seen a lot. We've gone through slides in film and video tape, and slamming cassettes and now digital. I'm gonna miss ya buddy, and I'm gonna miss our new meetings."

Mike Shultz, Weather, KTVF11:

"I can't believe my good friend Monte Bowen is finally calling it quits he's earned it, he's worked so hard I've known him for such a long time he's given so much to the community he has such a great history about him and thing that encapsulates Monte is when he says "are we having fun yet?". That's always his catch phrase, to let us know we're really going through some chaos. But they guy just never wavers, he's a strong leader and I wish him and his wife the best."

"And last but not least; Monte are we having fun yet?"

Monte Bowen, thank you for your service in the military and in the media. And now, after forty-six years, you can finally have an opinion.