Yukon Quest 2018: Leaders leave Dawson City, Withdrawal corrected, Dog passes away on the trail

Published: Feb. 9, 2018 at 8:11 PM AKST
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The Mushers in the 2018 Yukon Quest have started filing out of the Dawson City Checkpoint.

It started with Allen Moore, who left the halfway point at about 8:30 this morning and has about an 8 hour head start on current Runner-up Paige Drobny, who has also left the checkpoint just in front of Matt Hall.

Ed Hopkins and Vebjorn Reitan have not left yet the Dawson Checkpoint.

We reported yesterday that Jason Campeau had to scratch from the race and was airlifted to seek medical attention here in Fairbanks.

Further information came out suggesting that the Veteran Musher apparently suffered two concussions on the trail.

He underwent a CT scan yesterday, and will undergo further testing.

We almost had another Musher withdrawn from the race after receiving assistance on the trail.

It was believed that Rookie Musher Severin Cathry activated the SOS button on his race-tracker.

Race officials responded and provided extra food for his team and himself.

The rules say that after a musher calls for help they will be withdrawn from the race.

However, it was determined that Cathry never actually hit the SOS button himself and an internal Miscommunication led to his withdrawal.

So, Cathry will still be able to compete in this year's quest and is on his way to Dawson City.

We also had a fatality this morning as Hugh Neff's Dog, Bobby, passed away on the trail.

A Necropsy will be conducted on Bobby by head Veterinarian Christina Hansen, and Neff has told race officials that he plans to scratch upon his arrival to Dawson City.