Yukon Quest 2018: Allen Moore expected to be first Musher into Dawson City

Published: Feb. 7, 2018 at 9:46 PM AKST
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Day five of the 2018 Yukon Quest has seen the Top crew of racers remain generally the same as they get closer and closer to the Dawson City Checkpoint.

Allen Moore is still leading all of the teams, just 10 miles outside of Dawson City.

Both Paige Drobny and defending champion Matt Hall are stopped in Clinton Creek.

Our big changes came in the 4th and 5th place spots.

Ed Hopkins charged in front of Laura Neese and Vebjorn Reitan this morning.

However, Reitan was able to charge back to take fourth place while Hopkins is now the fifth place musher before the Halfway point in Dawson City.

Now in that Dawson Checkpoint, all Mushers are required to stay for a 36 hour layover, in order for them and their dogs to rest.

It is also the only checkpoint where they can receive assistance from Race Officials.

Assuming he is the first Musher into Dawson, Allen Moore will receive a chunk of gold valued at about $5,000 if he finishes the race.

Our current Red Lantern Holder is Jennifer Campeau, who is just outside of Trout Creek.

No mushers have scratched since our last update.