Protestors in Fairbanks rally against new Roe v. Wade decision

Abortion is Freedom rally in Fairbanks, Alaska. Photo by Jameka Lache Horton.
Abortion is Freedom rally in Fairbanks, Alaska. Photo by Jameka Lache Horton.(KTVF)
Published: Jul. 2, 2022 at 8:21 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Residents opposed to the recent Roe versus Wade decision gathered in Fairbanks Friday evening. Participants believe the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision has reversed women’s reproduction rights including legalized abortion.

Despite the smoky conditions, Veteran’s Memorial Park was filled with cheers, boos, and signs held by protestors. The event’s organizers, Jennifer Redmond and Christina Miller, were also joined by political candidates who delivered testimonials. During the rally, they reiterated their disapproval of the recent Supreme Court decision. Speakers urged the protestors to ask their politicians about their stance on reproductive healthcare and services provided by organizations like Planned Parenthood. The speakers all shared their concern for the future of women.

U.S. Senate candidate, Patricia Chebro, who was a speaker stated, “I believe this Supreme Court especially, is working hard to take away rights that people have enjoyed for many years, in this case about 50 years. Roe v. Wade occurred when I was such a young woman and it was such a relief for all the people that I know. These young people here, they should have the same thing. There is no reason that they shouldn’t. I am very upset with our legislative group that have supported the people that took this right away.”

Alaska Lieutenant Governor Candidate Heidi Drygas spoke on the Alaskan Constitution and nature to respect privacy stating, “I respect your privacy and you respect mine. That’s how we do it in Alaska.” Her statement made clear her belief that revocation of reproductive healthcare rights are not the Alaskan way.

Savannah Fletcher shared a personal anecdote stating “A few years ago while in college when I did not consent to sex, I had healthcare. I had the ability to go the next day to get a Plan B pill”.

Once the speeches were done protestors, including women, children, and allies marched and chanted toward the courthouse.

Their chants included: “My body, My Choice”, “Abortion is healthcare”, and “Healthcare saves lives”.

Sarah McGowan, a protestor, stated “Now we have an excuse we won’t allow women to make decisions about their own body. What’s next? Who else is next?”

The next Roe v. Wade Rally will be at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds on July 9.

Event details can be found on Facebook.

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