Fairbanks Community Food Bank seeks bread donations for Thanksgiving food boxes

Fairbanks Community Food Bank is looking for local people to bake bread for Thanksgiving boxes...
Fairbanks Community Food Bank is looking for local people to bake bread for Thanksgiving boxes that will be made available for those in need.(Richard Atkin)
Published: Sep. 3, 2021 at 4:29 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Fairbanks Community Food Bank is asking anyone and everyone to join their Bread Program to bake bread loaves for adding to their Thanksgiving Day food boxes.

Anne Weaver, CEO of the Food Bank, said that this program was started up years ago, and the Fairbanks Food Bank has been doing it ever since. “We had such a fun start to this. It was actually a mother and son who wanted a project when he was in, I believe, 5th grade. They called up King Arthur Flour, and King Arthur Flour actually sent flour to town and schools started baking bread. Well, that was such a fun idea we decided to expand it beyond the schools and invite the community in... and here we are. We’re probably up to 8 years later and over 20,000 loaves of bread have come in from the amazing community one loaf at a time through bakers’ ovens.”

This year, Weaver’s goal is to target 2,500 households, adding that The Food Bank is preparing to feed 10,000 that day. “Every year is a little different, the last couple of years have been weird,” she said.

Those looking to bake bread loaves for folks in need can go to the Fairbanks Food Bank and join the Bread Program. They will then pick up a bread kit which includes bags, labels, and instructions on how to bake safely. Weaver commented, “I love the Bread Program because it is really simple.”

The deadline to donate the Thanksgiving bread to the Food Bank is the November 19, the Friday before the holiday. Weaver also said that you can always turn it in later and the Food Bank will happily freeze it and put it in food boxes. “It’s lovely to be able to put in something with that has that special homemade touch,” she said.

Weaver concluded by saying, “I really love how much the community enjoys taking care of each other. That’s one of the funnest [sic] parts of this bread program. It gives folks the opportunity to take a little piece of their home and share it with somebody else that may be having a hard time.”

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