Fort Knox Town Series #3 featured skiers of all ages, including the top prep athletes in Fairbanks

Published: Jan. 26, 2021 at 6:33 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Cross-country skiers from the ages of elementary students to 70 years old participated in the third event of the 25th annual Kinross Fort Knox Town Race Series hosted by the Nordic Ski Club at the Birch Hill Recreation Area on Saturday. While there are no official high school cross-country meets in Fairbanks this year, prep athletes are using Town Series Races and their own individual time trial runs as a way for them to have some form of season. The high school girls 5-kilometer event was a tight one, as the top three skiers finished within 10 seconds of each other, paced by Abigail Haas of the Nordic Ski Club and Lathrop High School. West Valley was the leader of the pack in the high school boys 10k, with Josh Baurick leading the charge. Max Beierghroslein, a freshman Nordic skier for the Alaska Nanooks, also participated in Fort Knox Town Series #3. The results from the high school races are listed below.

High School Boys 10K

1Josh BaurickWest Valley27:33.20
2Luke ButhWest Valley28:01.8+28.6
3Eric DiFolcoWest Valley28:28.9+55.7
4Ben KasoffFXC29:11.0+1:37.8
5Eli MerrillWest Valley29:20.8+1:47.6
6Ezra WestWest Valley29:44.6+2:11.4
7Jonathan EbelFXC30:19.2+2:46.0
8Nicholas ButhWest Valley30:20.1+2:46.9
9PJ BragonierFXC30:22.4+2:49.2
10Elias EngmanWest Valley30:47.4+3:14.2
11Nelson HaysFXC33:13.6+5:40.4
12Ian TragisFXC33:49.6+6:16.4
13Justin OestreichFXC34:04.8+6:31.6
14Harrison RiggsLathrop35:01.8+7:28.6
15Daniel AbramowiczWest Valley36:09.4+8:36.2
16Kasper BennedsenFXC36:48.3+9:15.1
17Matt JohnsonNorth Pole37:46.2+10:13.0
18Jacob RozellWest Valley38:50.0+11:16.8
19Olav MoellerWest Valley38:55.6+11:22.4
20Shane FisherWest Valley39:01.2+11:28.0
21David WonderlichFXC39:08.9+11:35.7
22John HaasLathrop39:40.0+12:06.8
23Naatanii MayoWest Valley39:53.2+12:20.0
24Seth BrukeFXC40:31.4+12:58.2
25Gabe AngaiakMonroe41:05.5+13:32.3
26Jake DawleyNorth Pole41:43.9+14:10.7
27Ian LeeLathrop42:08.4+14:35.2
28Eleven BeddingfieldWest Valley43:01.9+15:28.7
29Kade RowlandWest Valley43:13.8+15:40.6
30Braden JohnsonWest Valley44:45.7+17:12.5
31Noah StoutWest Valley45:15.3+17:42.1
32Collin EberhartFXC49:42.4+22:09.2
33Kameron JohnsonWest Valley50:35.7+23:02.5
34Wily JohnsonWest Valley54:53.8+27:20.6
35Ole PetersonMonroe1:00:42.5+33:09.3

High School Girls 5K

1Abigail HaasFXC16:01.20
2Zarah Laker-MorrisWest Valley16:09.2+8.0
3Hannah DelamereWest Valley16:09.7+8.5
4Hjelle PersoniusWest Valley16:20.9+19.7
5Ingrid BaurickFXC Devo18:17.4+2:16.2
6Leni StolzWest Valley18:33.8+2:32.6
7Sonja TrufferWest Valley18:35.6+2:34.4
8Lilli BondFXC Devo18:51.4+2:50.2
9Hazel LangleyWest Valley20:10.8+4:09.6
10Emma LyonsFXC Devo20:12.1+4:10.9
11Pirada AndersonWest Valley20:19.7+4:18.5
12Adah DeckerFXC Devo20:24.7+4:23.5
13Ellie AbrahamsonFXC Devo20:38.6+4:37.4
14Evelyn WoolFXC20:47.7+4:46.5
15Sala CroweFXC Devo22:14.6+6:13.4
16Riley WhislerWest Valley22:27.6+6:26.4
17Ava JelinekWest Valley22:32.5+6:31.3
18Danika DawleyNorth Pole23:04.0+7:02.8
19Laurel ValentineFXC Devo24:41.5+8:40.3
20Maddie CastilloNorth Pole24:49.9+8:48.7
21Cara SchneiderFXC Devo25:39.7+9:38.5
22Lia CastilloNorth Pole26:33.4+10:32.2
23Quinn JacobsWest Valley29:06.1+13:04.9
24Kaylee CollinsLathrop36:09.4+20:08.2
25Katelyn GianniWest Valley36:52.8+20:51.6

Complete results featuring every class can be found here.

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