Sprint season continues with Prelim Race #2 for Alaska Dog Mushers Association

Published: Jan. 18, 2021 at 8:08 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - On a warm January morning, featuring a golden sunrise for a backdrop, the Alaska Dog Mushers Association (ADMA) returned to action Sunday with Preliminary Race #2 at Dog Mushers Hall. 4-dog, 6-dog, 8-dog, Open teams and skijorers took on the Jeff Studdert trails featuring families, veterans and rookies. ADMA competitor Hailey Walton is in her first year as a sprint musher and has had the help of the mushing community to guide her in her rookie season.

“Everybody is super nice, it is just very welcoming and open, it is not anything like I thought it would be,” said Walton prior to Sunday’s event. Sometimes, especially in smaller communities, everybody can be kind of competitive. But no, everybody here is so nice. If you have questions, everybody is willing to help and they don’t mind taking the time to do that.”

Complete results from Sunday’s Preliminary Race #2 can be found below. Preliminary Race #3 is scheduled for January 31.

Skijoring - 4.8 miles

1Kriya Dunlap15:10
2Aasne Hoveid15:42
3Scott Jerome15:44
4Sunnifa Deehr15:46
5Josh Link16:16
6Becky Childs17:15
7Iris Sutton17:40
8Alyeska Callis17:50
9Florian Philip18:13
10Keira Irish18:46
11Bailie Richards20:14
12Todd Ronnander58:53

4-dog Race - 4.8 miles

1Jennifer Probert16:07
2Zoey Erhart16:11
3Chris Borrow16:42
4Kristen Eckwright16:54
5Lindsay (last name illegible)17:29
6Lucien Charron18:01
7Christopher Garber Slaght18:18
9Hailey Walton2:40

6-dog Race - 6.2 miles

T-1Terri Cadzow19:46
T-1Kristen Eckwright19:46
3Eddie Forrest20:09
4Bonnie Borba20:48
5Evie Callis21:05
6Wendy Callis21:14
7Noah Pereira21:15
8Robin Baker22:49
9Nina Ruckhaus23:52
10Emila Eula27:09

8-dog Race - 11 miles

1Joey Henry34:38
2Dawn Brown36:17
3Carl Erhart36:22
4Jacob Witkop36:55
5Andria Bond37:50

Open Class - 14.4 miles

1Beth Callis45:42
Andy Huetten46:47
3Robert Kokrine47:00
4Marvin Kokrine47:51

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