Troopers give advice on keeping property safe if your car is broken into

Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 5:09 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Vehicle break-ins are all too common in Fairbanks, but Alaska State Troopers say there are ways to lessen the chances of your vehicle being targeted.

According to troopers, there have been seven break-ins in the last month within the troopers area, and additional break-ins under other departments jurisdiction.

Berry Cebulski is a trooper with the Special Projects Unity and says that break-ins are usually crimes of opportunity. He said when people leave their vehicle unlocked or unattended with valuables inside, there is nothing preventing someone from stealing and then walking away.

There are ways to prevent these crimes, however. Cebulski said the best thing people can do is to not store anything of value in a vehicle, adding that if you have to leave something in a vehicle, to keep it out of view. “Take anything you are not willing to lose with you,” Cebulski said.

He also said that to help prevent things from being stolen while a vehicle is parked at a residence overnight, people can use motion activated lights and alarms as well as video cameras to assist in prosecution of criminals.

He also discussed some of the risks and benefits with leaving your vehicle unlocked with no valuables inside.

“The things that you would have to weigh is that if you absolutely removed everything from your vehicle, there was nothing to entice a person to go into the vehicle, but you left your vehicle locked, the risk you run at that point is someone breaking your window just to discover nothing was there. You can potentially leave your vehicle unlocked so that they go through it and then leave with nothing stolen, nothing taken, and nothing damaged -- but now you potentially could have exposed yourself to your vehicle being stolen,” Cebulski said.

He advised leaving the vehicle locked with no valuables inside.

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